Developing Curated, Accessible Course-Specific Resources in the Writing Center (2023)


Curated, accessible, multimodal


Creating an ever-accessible, multimodal, course-specific resource is essential to meeting the evolving needs of students and has synergistic benefits: clarity of course-related concepts, expectations, and outcomes for both tutors during tutoring sessions and students working on their own. Our process to develop this type of resource for faculty, tutors, and students will be outlined. Our presentation aims to inspire other writing center administrators to consider the creation of course-specific, curated resources to support writers at their institutions.

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Type of Source: Conference Presentation

Presenters: Barbara Seasholtz, Ruth Grove

Year of Presentation: 2023

Title of Presentation: Developing Curated, Accessible, Course-Specific Resources in the Writing Center

Conference: Online Writing Centers Association (OWCA)

Location of Conference: Virtual