Serve on an OWCA Committee

OWCA members can apply to serve on one of our committees, according to their interests and skill sets. Committee positions do not have set term limits; instead time commitments for individual committee projects will be agreed upon by the committee chair and committee members.

Each committee is chaired by at least 1 OWCA Executive Board Member. OWCA members can also serve as co-chairs when needed.  The following committees are still recruiting members.

Grants & Fundraising Committee

Chair: Elle Tyson (Treasurer)

We love having accessible events, but they’re expensive! Now that OWCA has 501(c)(3) status, we can qualify for grants and have created the Grants & Fundraising Committee. Committee members will research grants for the association and write/submit grant applications. This is currently a short-term committee with the possibility of becoming a long-term one in the future.

Join the Grants & Fundraising Committee

Please send a short statement (150-200 words) to that describes your interest and/or experience in grant research and writing.

Liaison Committee

Chair: Sarah Prince (Vice President)

Members of the Liaison Committee will join or maintain membership with other relevant associations or organizations. Examples could include IWCA regional affiliates and organizations that do similar work to our own (e.g., CCCCs, OLC, and OWI). As liaisons to these organizations, committee members will join the organization (if not already a member); attend conferences/events hosted by these associations when possible; build partnerships with affiliates; recruit members for OWCA; and serve as this organization’s voice regarding OWC-related needs, issues, and concerns.

We are particularly looking for liaisons for the following IWCA affiliates and organizations:

International Affiliates

U.S. Regional Affiliates

Other Organizations

Join the Liaison Committee

Please send a short statement (100-200 words) to that describes your interest in the committee and the organization(s) you’d like to be a liaison for.