The OWCA is committed to centering disability and accessibility in our events. For our 2021 conference, we will do the following:

  • Require all presenters to provide written transcripts, slidedecks, and other presentation materials to attendees.
  • Hire American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for all synchronous sessions. The OWCA works with Morr Interpreting for ASL interpretation.
  • Record all synchronous sessions.
  • Have edited closed captions for all asynchronous and synchronous video recordings

If we have not appropriately planned for your accessibility needs, please email the OWCA Accessibility Committee at

Accessibility Requirements for Presenters

The OWCA requires all conference presenters to provide the following before the conference:

  • Written transcripts. Presenters must create a written transcript for all planned presentation portions of their session and provide this file as a Microsoft Word document to the OWCA.
  • Slide decks. Presenters who are using slide decks must provide the slides as a PowerPoint file to the OWCA. This file will be available to attendees.
  • Handouts. Presenters who plan to distribute handouts (such as for workshop activities) must provide these files as Microsoft Word documents to the OWCA.
  • Session Recording and Edited Closed Captions (asynchronous sessions only). Presenters who are doing asynchronous presentations should record their presentations, upload them to YouTube, and edit the closed captions for accuracy and punctuation.

All planned presentation materials are due on September 20, 2021. Instructions for submitting have been emailed to presenters. The OWCA reserves the right to edit presentation materials for digital accessibility.

Accessibility Resources for Presenters

If you are presenting at the OWCA 2021 conference, please use the following resources for support.

Accessibility Guides

Example Presentation Materials

Example Recording with Edited Closed Captions