Gaming Learning Transfer from Social Media to Student Writing (2023)


 Rhetorical analysis, gaming, social media.


In a post-/pandemic context characterized by dwindling student engagement, writing center tutors might consider using students’ enthusiasm for social media as a gateway to lessons on other forms of writing. Making students’ knowledge explicit during writing center sessions can increase the “stickiness” of a tutoring session by honoring student experience. The shorter time length and one-on-one tutor/student relationship that characterize many writing center sessions especially lend themselves to sessions structured to resemble games. Further, gaming structures, when used to shape tutoring pedagogies, acknowledge evolving digital literacies (p. 10) such as students’ increased fluency with social media.

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Type of Source: Conference Presentation

Presenters: Adrienne Lamberti

Year of Presentation: 2023

Title of Presentation: Gaming Learning Transfer from Social Media to Student Writing

Conference: Online Writing Centers Association (OWCA)

Location of Conference: Virtual