Volunteer for an OWCA Committee

OWCA members can serve on one of our committees, according to their interests and skill sets. Committee positions do not have set term limits; instead time commitments for individual committee projects will be agreed upon by the committee chair and committee members. Each committee is chaired by 1-2 OWCA Executive Board Members.

To inquire about joining a committee, please contact that committee’s email address below. The committee chair will let you know if the committee can take additional members at that time.

Diversity & Social Justice Committee

The Diversity & Social Justice Committee champions diversity efforts in other committees and develop social justice resources for OWCA. The committee broadly understands social justice in the context of Jones & Walton (2018), where social justice is invested in advocating for and amplifying the “agency of oppressed people–those who are materially, socially, politically, and/or economically under-resourced” in ways that center “a collaborative, respectful approach that moves past description and exploration…to taking action to redress inequities” (p. 242). The committee recognizes the ambiguity and appropriation of the term “Social Justice” and seek to conduct specific, actionable work centering marginalized groups.

2022 Committee Chair

  • Paula Rawlins, Chair

2022 Objectives

In 2022, the Diversity & Social Justice Committee will work towards the following objectives:

  1. Compile report based on first membership demographic questionnaire results and revise questionnaire to be sent out during the first week of December
  2. Collaborate with Virtual Events on at least one anti-racism event
  3. Create a public archive of resources related to Diversity and Social Justice for writing centers
  4. Write a General Diversity Statement for OWCA
  5. Work with OWCA members to identify actionable means of supporting the intersecting communities they represent

Join the Diversity & Social Justice Committee

To join, just send an email to diversity@onlinewritingcenters.org

Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility Committee champions accessibility efforts in other committees and develops accessibility resources for OWCA.

2022 Committee Chairs

  • Brooke Hessler, Chair
  • Madelyn Carroll, Co-Chair

2022 Objectives

In 2022, the Accessibility Committee will work towards the following objectives:

  1. Draft the Accessibility Statement for OWCA 
  2. Make the Accessibility Statement a model of accessibility: Following Executive Board approval of the Accessibility Statement for OWCA, develop and publish the Accessibility Statement in at least two formats to make the text itself more widely accessible
  3. Expand the existing OWCA scholarship bank to include additional resources on Accessibility and on the development of Accessibility Statements.
  4. Supporting the Conference Committee’s review/development of accessibility elements in the Call for Proposals
  5. Objective 5: Supporting the Virtual Events Committee’s development of a Post-Event Accessibility Task Force (ex: making sure session transcripts and conference materials achieve accessibility criteria before they are published online)

Join the Accessibility Committee

To join, just send an email to access@onlinewritingcenters.org

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee plans and organizes OWCA’s virtual conferences. In 2021, the committee planned a conference from October 4-8. The committee wrote the call for proposals, reviewed proposals, and created the conference schedule. They helped host writing sessions to support people who were writing conference proposals or people who were creating their presentation materials. They also advised on the conference website and facilitated sessions during the conference.

2022 Committee Chairs

  • Kim Fahle Peck, Chair
  • Erika Maikish, Co-Chair

2022 Objectives

In 2022, the Conference Committee will work towards the following objectives:

  • Plan the OWCA conference for 2023
  • Write and release the call for proposals

Join the Conference Committee

To join, just send an email to conference@onlinewritingcenters.org

Virtual Events Committee

The Virtual Events Committee (VEC) schedules and facilitates small virtual events for OWCA members and the wider writing center community, including quarterly webinars and bi-monthly reading clubs. The VEC schedules and hosts regular virtual events related to online writing center work. This work includes recruiting presenters, advertising and planning the events, providing technical support to attendees and presenters, providing accessible recordings and materials from events, and collaborating with other committees on various projects. The committee is dedicated to hosting events that can be attended as professional development for both writing center administrators and tutors.

2022 Chairs

  • Megan Boeshart, Virtual Events Chair
  • Bri Lafond, Virtual Events Co-Chair

2022 Objectives

In 2022, the Virtual Events Committee will work towards the following objectives

  1. Brainstorm and research event ideas
  2. Draft event schedule for 2022
  3. Begin recruiting presenters and scheduling events in conjunction with Diversity & Social Justice Committee and Liaison Committee
  4. Brainstorm and plan for a potential premium event (paid event) and determine structure and pay scale 
  5. Draft a CFP for Webinars for 2023 
  6. Create Post-Event Accessibility Task Force and outline how that task force will function 

Join the Virtual Events Committee

To join, just send an email to events@onlinewritingcenters.org

Mentoring & Resources Committee

The Mentoring & Resources Committee coordinates the OWCA mentoring program, maintains the public scholarship database, and develops resources to support mentoring in OWC work.

2022 Chair

  • Beth Nastachowski, Secretary and Mentoring & Resources Committee Chair

2022 Objectives

In 2022, this committee will work towards the following objectives:

  1. Completing the requirements of the SWCA grant.
  2. Maintain scholarship archive.
  3. Coordinate the OWCA mentoring program.
  4. Brainstorm additional resources.

Join the Mentoring & Resources Committee

To join, just send an email to mentoring@onlinewritingcenters.org