Volunteer for an OWCA Committee

OWCA members can serve on one of our committees, according to their interests and skill sets. Committee positions do not have set term limits; instead time commitments for individual committee projects will be agreed upon by the committee chair and committee members.

Each committee is chaired by at least 1 OWCA Executive Board Member. OWCA members can also serve as co-chairs when needed.

To inquire about joining a committee, please contact that committee’s email address below. The committee chair will let you know if the committee can take additional members at that time.

Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility Committee champions accessibility efforts in other committees and develops accessibility resources for OWCA.

Current Chair: Brooke Hessler

Contact the Accessibility Committee: access@onlinewritingcenters.org

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee organizes the OWCA’s 2021 virtual conference.

Current Chair: Anna Shapland

Contact the Conference Committee: conference@onlinewritingcenters.org

Diversity & Social Justice Committee

The Diversity & Social Justice Committee champions diversity efforts in other committees and develop social justice resources for OWCA.

Current Chairs: Paula Rawlins and Luke Shackelford

Contact the Diversity & Social Justice Committee: diversity@onlinewritingcenters.org

Grants & Fundraising Committee

The Grants & Fundraising Committee is a short-term committee that is pursuing opportunities and grants to raise money for OWCA.

Current Chair: Elle Tyson

Contact the Grants Committee: grants@onlinewritingcenters.org

Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee represents and connects with other associations, organizations, and affiliations to promote partnerships and the OWCA. We are still looking for liaisons for the following IWCA affiliates and organizations:

International Affiliates

U.S. Regional Affiliates

Other Organizations

Current Chair: Sarah Prince

Contact the Liaison Committee: liaison@onlinewritingcenters.org

Mentoring & Resources Committee

The Mentoring & Resources Committee coordinates the OWCA mentoring program and develops resources to support mentoring in OWC work.

Current Chairs: Beth Nastachowski and Luke Shackelford

Contact the Mentoring & Resources Committee: mentoring@onlinewritingcenters.org

Virtual Events Committee

The Virtual Events Committee schedules and facilitates small virtual events for OWCA members and the wider writing center community.

Current Chair: Megan Boeshart

Contact the Virtual Events Committee: events@onlinewritingcenters.org