Apply for Executive Board Position

The OWCA accepts applications yearly for Officer positions on the OWCA Executive Board. Terms begin in January and end in December.

2022 Positions

The OWCA just finished our election and is excited to welcome the following new members to our Executive Board in January 2022:

  • Heejung (Monica) Kwon, Diversity & Social Justice Co-Chair
  • Madelyn Carroll, Accessibility Co-Chair
  • Bri LaFond, Virtual Events Co-Chair
  • Jesse Bair, Student Representative
  • Amanda Tomanek, Website Coordinator

We are still accepting applications for the following position. Please click the link below to learn more about the position and submit an application:

2023 Positions

The following positions will be available for 2023. Job descriptions and application instructions will be posted by October 2022.

  • Vice President
  • Diversity & Social Justice Co-Chair
  • Accessibility Co-Chair
  • Virtual Events Co-Chair
  • Student Representative (only if current Student Reps do not renew their positions)
  • Website Coordinator (only if the current Website Coordinator does not renew their position)

Who Can Apply

Anyone can apply for an Officer position on the OWCA Executive Board, including students, individuals who are not currently employed at a writing center, and individuals who are not currently OWCA members. If  you are elected for a position, please note that you will need to become an OWCA member to accept the position and serve your term.

We especially welcome and encourage people who identify as Queer/LGBTQ+, BI/POC, Indigenous, Disabled, Neurodivergent, or an otherwise marginalized identity to apply. Per our Anti-Racism Statement, students and professionals who identify as people of color can become OWCA members at no charge.

About the OWCA Executive Board

The current OWCA Executive Board consists of students, professionals who are currently employed in writing centers, and professionals who are employed in other areas and have writing center backgrounds. You can learn about current OWCA Board members here.

Executive Board meetings are usually held once per month for an hour and a half. Additional one-hour meetings may be scheduled for training or additional discussion of committee projects. The Board is highly collaborative, organized, and supportive of new ideas. We also like to have fun. We hope that you will join us and help support the future of the OWCA!