Peripheral (Re)Visions: Moving Online Writing Centers from Margin to Center (2018)


equity, access, community support, IWCA, online teaching trends, future steps


This article examines the disparity between the recent increase in online postsecondary education course offerings and the failure of institutions to provide an equitable increase in online writing tutoring and support for online learners. Highlighting the relative marginalization of online writing centers/online writing tutoring within the larger writing center field, the authors call for community building among online writing tutors, both staff and professional, as well as IWCA recognition and support of online writing tutoring as a distinct area in need of specialization and further study. Authors also call for continued discussions on the funding, training, and technology required for online writing tutoring, continued online writing tutoring scholarship, and guiding practices for those engaged in online writing tutoring.

Citation Information

Type of Source: Journal Article

Authors: Sarah Prince, Rachel Willard, Ellen Zamarripa, Matt Sharkey-Smith

Year of Publication: 2018

Title: “Peripheral (Re)Visions: Moving Online Writing Centers from Margin to Center

Publication: WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship, Volume 42, Issue 5-6

Page Range: 10-17