Taking Long Night Online: A Six-Part Series (2020)


synchronous, Zoom, YouTube Livestream, Late Night Against Procrastination (LNAP), virtual event planning, cross-department collaboration, libraries, learning commons, community


This series tells the story of two writing centers and their Long Nights Against Procrastination.

We met on the Writing Center Directors Facebook page and decided we wanted to share our experiences about transitioning online. Below, we introduce our institutions, writing centers, and histories with Long Night Against Procrastination (LNAP). The LNAP is an all-night or late-night event providing writing consultations, research support, and camaraderie for students during finals week, offered on many campuses internationally. Indeed, Praxis has previously published reflections on other writing centers’ experience of the event.

We end with a summary of what the reader can expect from the six-part blog series, which is aimed at helping other writing center professionals create/review their own online LNAP in November 2020.

Citation Information

Type of Source: Blog

Authors: Jennifer Marciniak, Rachel Herzl-Betz

Year of Publication: 2020

Title of Publication: “Taking Long Night Online: A Six-Part Series”

Publication: Axis: The Blog