Writing center blogs project (2021)


Writing Center, Blogs, pedagogy


The original purpose of this project was to gather in one place a comprehensive list of writing center blogs that could be shared with tutors and writing center professionals. We made this list publicly available on the blog of the San José State University Writing Center, The Write Attitude. As responses to our request for links to blogs rolled in, we repurposed our project to create a tool for writing centers that are considering creating their own blog. This webtext1 sets out to identify what factors make writing center blogs effective. We briefly review the history of blog use in writing studies, including their use as a pedagogical tool for student reflection. This review revealed a gap in established practices related to how and why blogs can be used in writing centers and led to this comprehensive study.

Citation Information

Type of Source: Journal Article

Authors: Julia Bleakney, Michelle Hager, Maria Judnick

Year of Publication:2021

Title: Writing center blogs project

Publication: Kairos 25 (2)