Mentoring Groups

OWCA members can participate in the OWCA group mentoring program, which creates group mentoring cohorts twice a year. The OWCA group mentoring program is organized by the OWCA Mentoring & Resources Committee ( You can learn more about the OWCA Mentoring & Resources Committee on the OWCA Committees page.

Mentoring Objectives: Innovate, Connect, Reflect, Grow

The mission of the OWCA mentoring program is to support online writing center tutors and administrators through peer-to-peer mentoring groups. These mentoring groups will be responsive to individual mentee needs and help mentees develop online writing tutoring pedagogy and practices. The objectives of this program are:

  • Innovate: Disrupt the traditionally hierarchical nature of mentee-mentor relationships by embracing a peer-to-peer group mentoring model.
  • Connect: Develop sustainable and meaningful relationships and connections between OWCA members.
  • Reflect: Provide synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for OWCA members to reflect on, share, and solicit feedback on their writing center’s online tutoring from multiple perspectives.
  • Grow: Encourage the development of meaningful and effective online writing center pedagogy and practices.


Registration for Cohort 1 of 2022 is now closed. You are welcome to register for Cohort 2, which will run from July—December 2022.

If you’re an OWCA member, you can register for a Mentoring Group>>

If you are not an OWCA member, please join the OWCA to register.