OWCA has 8 committees for 2021. Each committee is chaired by at least 1 OWCA Executive Board Member. OWCA members can also serve as co-chairs when needed.

Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility Committee champions accessibility efforts in other committees and develops accessibility resources for OWCA.

Chair: Brooke Hessler (At-Large Representative)

Co-Chairs: Jenelle M. Dembsey (President), Megan Boeshart (At-Large Representative)


  • Hideki Nakazono, University of St. Augustine
  • Jess Mazaheri, Point University
  • Ellen Cecil-Lemkin, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Contact the Accessibility Committee:

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee organizes the OWCA’s 2021 virtual conference.

Chair: William De Herder (Conference Organizer)

Co-Chairs: Jenelle M. Dembsey (President), Anna Shapland (Student Representative)

Contact the Conference Committee:

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee champions diversity efforts in other committees and develop social justice resources for OWCA.

Chair: Paula Rawlins (At-Large Representative)

Co-Chairs: Anna Shapland (Student Representative), Luke Shackelford (Student Representative)

Contact the Diversity Committee:

Grants & Fundraising Committee

The Grants & Fundraising Committee pursues opportunities and grants to raise money for OWCA.

Chair: Elle Tyson (Treasurer)

Co-chair: William De Herder (Conference Organizer)


  • Allison Haas, McHenry County College

Contact the Grants Committee:

Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee represents and connects with other associations, organizations, and affiliations to promote partnerships and the OWCA.

Chair: Sarah Prince (Vice President)

Contact the Liaison Committee:

Mentoring & Resources Committee

The Mentoring & Resources Committee coordinates the OWCA mentoring program and develops resources to support mentoring in OWC work.

Chair: Beth Nastachowski (Secretary)

Co-Chair: Luke Shackelford (Student Representative)


  • Emily Gresbrink, University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Michelle Cohen, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Paula Rawlins, Yale University
  • Michelle Hager, San Jose State University

Contact the Mentoring & Resources Committee:

Virtual Events Committee

The Virtual Events Committee schedules and facilitates small virtual events for OWCA members and the wider writing center community.

Chair: Megan Boeshart (At-Large Representative)

Contact the Virtual Events Committee:

Website & Communication Committee

The Website & Communication Committee manages the OWCA website and membership software and coordinates website updates with other committees.

Chair: Jenelle M. Dembsey (President)

Co-Chairs: Cynthia Pengilly (At-Large Representative), Elle Tyson (Treasurer)

Contact the Website & Communication Committee: